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Revision and writing discipline

One of my major faults in writing (let’s not get into the major faults I have everywhere else, ok?) is the lack of discipline I have about revision and re-writing. I love to write. I hate to edit and revise. I’m pretty sure this is a common thing, I see others complaining about it quite frequently, so I’m not alone in this. The problem, of course, is that my work is frequently not quite as good as it could be if I would conquer the twin demons of procrastination and laziness and write my stuff *well* in advance of the due date. This is another non-resolution that I’m making this year (they sure are piling up, aren’t they?). With the exception of this blog (which is write once and publish – little editing is done to the text I produce here, with my apologies…), I’m going to try to give myself plenty of revision time when I start to plan out my attack on my next writing project. Editing and revising can only help my output – there is no reason to avoid doing it, besides laziness, and I’m going to definitely be working on that!

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