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  • @dullroar Yup, we have Overdrive at The selection is limited now, but will get better! #
  • @dullroar No problem – Twitter reference questions are my favorite!! #
  • *refreshes her coffee and sits back to watch @sglassmeyer take on @ellbeecee and @wawoodworth in the great 2010 Jeggings fight* #
  • @sglassmeyer This seems like a really successful strategy so far. I may incorporate it into my next presentation! Also, jeggings. #
  • @orgmonkey Me!!! #
  • Overdrive just got a lot more useful for me. I can now read my ebooks on my iPad, not just listen to audio! Hats off to @dullroar!! #
  • I have 105 apps on my iPad. Is this abnormal? Am I an app hoarder? Inquiring minds want to know (or at least mine does…) #
  • @rpringle & @RobBittner Thanks guys – that makes me feel a bit more normal… 😉 #
  • @rpringle are you trying to enable my iPad app addiction? *sigh* I'll go check it out… 😉 #
  • @dullroar I have 7 different readers on my iPad (hence the many applications…) but hadn't heard of Bluefire. That one slid under the radar #
  • @lilaclee Check the library's blog on Friday – I have a post with links and tips coming out. Let me know if you want to try OD at MRRL… 😉 #

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