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  • @nengard FriendFeed in reply to nengard #
  • I am a command line ninja! Successfully repaired the Drupal database without leaving my chair. Yeah for putty & command line skillz!! #
  • I'm reading The Grand Design (Hawking) and quantum physics are blowing my mind. I start to understand why @zorpheous is so warped… 😉 #
  • That's "I start to understand why @xorpheous is so warped". My bad… #
  • @xorpheous so I'm learning… space-time is warped, why wouldn't you be??? in reply to xorpheous #
  • Okay I'm totally dictating this tweet on my iPad using the free Dragon dictation program. This rocks. I am living in the future. #
  • My to-do list is long and has already been derailed this morn by a MySQL issue. An hour into my day and I'm just now starting it… Boo! #

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