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  • @PattersonPrints just gorgeous! Did you find the pot of gold? in reply to PattersonPrints #
  • @miriella that is seriously cool!! in reply to miriella #
  • @Cavebabble we're pulling for you, Eric! Get better soon!! in reply to Cavebabble #
  • @joshuamneff I think it's one of those stabilizing rings of metal you sometimes see around the bottom of woks, yes? Should be, at least… in reply to joshuamneff #
  • I feel productive! Firefox is open on my left monitor, chrome on my right – tweetdeck above it – and RTM is open on my iPad next to that… #
  • What It Means: Google, Yahoo Come Together With OpenID #
  • @xorpheous LOL – that's an excellent question, and one I'm not prepared to answer right now… 😉 in reply to xorpheous #
  • Build Project Management Gantt Charts With Gantto #
  • Debate Around Password Security Overlooks Universal Logins #
  • Heading to lunch, then to Linn to fix a problem with their Envisionware install. What an exciting life I lead!! #
  • Before 8:15 I've downloaded a needed template, ordered 2 new switches for the library, cleared my physical inbox and skimmed through email! #

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