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I’ve found myself, more than once, sitting in front of my computer at work, desperately trying to come up with a topic, an idea – anything – that would be appropriate to blog about for the library’s blog. I’m sure those of you who blog for an organization have felt the same futile search for topics that are both interesting and relevant to your organizations. I’m doing something about it this year! Starting in January, my library’s blog will revolve around an editorial calendar that will also provide content for our Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.
The editorial calendar is created from the events and “special days” of the library. I’ve put out a call to the staff to let me know of events and programs they are working on for next year so that I can come up with 12 themes to base my posts upon. Each month, I’ll focus on the event or special occasion and work that theme into the majority of my blog posts. Of course, that won’t work for everything that needs to be posted over the course of the year, but it will give me a starting point when I’m staring at that blank editing box in WordPress.
My question is – what are other people doing when they need to blog for their organizations? Are you doing something similar? Flying by the seat of your pants? Something in between? While my decision to pursue the editorial calendar might be the best for us (and I don’t know that yet – only time will tell if this will work), I know that there are other methods out there that are being used – successfully. Tell me – what are you doing?
Update: David Lee King just posted a “how they do things in Topeka” post on his blog that is pretty much related to this one – go check it out for more ideas on work blogging!

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