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  • @sirexkat I've never noticed my Kindle flashing, and there is a little (not much, tho) ghosting on the screen after 2 yrs. in reply to sirexkat #
  • @WeatherZach Hah! Marching band has been practicing at 7am for 2 weeks now. Who's the most dedicated? (son in drum line, can you tell?) in reply to WeatherZach #
  • @sirexkat I've never noticed it flashing (and I spend *hours* staring at it…) Now that you mention it, though, I may just be used to it… in reply to sirexkat #
  • Reading – Twitter followers without the "hassle" of Twitter accounts. Interesting stuff – and useful, too! #
  • My iPad is in the FedEx facility in Hong Kong. I'm not sure how I feel about it being better traveled than I am… #waitingimpatiently #
  • I paid for the full version of @activeinbox last night and WOW. Gmail is supercharged this morning! #gtd #
  • Social Media Meetup! Come to MRRL on 8/26/2010 from 6-8pm. Cookies and soda will be served. #
  • @lilaclee I will be sure to post how it works for me! in reply to lilaclee #
  • My iPad just left Alaska – it's in the states now!!! #
  • My iPad is in Missouri!!! I may have it for the weekend!! Squee!!! #iPad #impatientlywaiting #refreshingFedExTrackingPageLikeAnIdiot #
  • @lilaclee 32G Wi-Fi+3G It's going to be one more silly monthly payment to get the 3G service, but spotty wi-fi coverage in MO means 3G too! #
  • My iPad's in Jefferson City! It could be delivered today!! I forsee nothing much getting done today… #
  • Also, if the AARP doesn't stop emailing me, I'm gonna get a complex. I'm 37, far too young to be dealing with this stuff, right? #oldfart #
  • The #iPad is on the truck for delivery. I have turned into a F5 pressing machine. I'll have to take a break to fix wireless in Linn, tho. #
  • I have it – it's charging up as I type!! #iPad #
  • @bohyunkim Thanks! I feel so silly being so excited about a device, but it's amazing how the process of waiting sharpened that excitement… in reply to bohyunkim #
  • @sglassmeyer I've seen that before, but I can't figure out a use, either. in reply to sglassmeyer #
  • @lilaclee it came fully charged, but took a while to sync to iTunes, very easy to setup, WAY FUN, very easy to get apps – and LOTS to get!! in reply to lilaclee #
  • @DonovanLambrigh We're in the same process – I'm just glad I don't have to make all those decisions, just help implement them! #mrrl in reply to DonovanLambrigh #
  • I showed the boss RDP on the iPad and he called it my new "tooloy" – more useful than a toy, but more fun than a tool… #
  • @lilaclee Both – cover that props up and the keyboard dock. I got the extra warranty, too, but that was it. in reply to lilaclee #
  • LOL – my left forearm and bicep are starting to ache a bit from the way I hold the iPad. I need to switch hands or I'll be uneven… #
  • @dullroar Will do! in reply to dullroar #
  • @brayb You'd think, wouldn't you. Of course, that would just add more weight, probably. #

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