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The week in Tweets

  • Lunch with @mstabbycat, @xorpheous & my family! (@ On the Border Mexican Grill) #
  • @MarcDrummond *blushing* Thanks, Marc – I'm looking forward to seeing you again!! #nagw2010 in reply to MarcDrummond #
  • Yesterday was a bust (too much soccer fun the day before) so my #libday5 contributions will be for today… #
  • Came in early to reboot and restart VPN access from our branch to our main library, open the PCC & then check email/FriendFeed #libday5 #
  • Pressing emails (MLA CIT-SIG vols, branch VPN and webinar info for September) taken care of, now time to clean and open the PCC #libday5 #
  • Fixed a printer issue, counted money and cleaned & turned on PCs for start of day in the PCC. #libday5 #
  • Spending my extra few minutes b4 we open this morn finding reading material for my Dec. TechSource webinar. #libday5 #
  • The library is open & folks are streaming in to use our PCs! I've also cleaned up an old profile off of the domain, while I'm here #libday5 #
  • Still working the desk – no questions yet! I did fix a print separator page issue for someone though… #libday5 #
  • Finally! I got questions! Helped someone get to their email and told someone that they couldn't log on because of fines #libday5 #
  • Another question (people just needed to wake up, apparently) about word processing & printing. #libday5 #
  • After another 2 questions (email and PCC policies on time extensions), it's time for me to be off the desk. Brunch!! #libday5 #
  • Soccer Buds [pic] #
  • I consulted with the OPAC guy on a problem, ate lunch and dealt with invoices. Now I'm back on the PCC desk after a chat with Nikki #libday5 #
  • Only one question so far from the PCC (another fine issue), reading @griffey's tech trends and considering… #libday5 #
  • @lilaclee Absolutely – we cleared a huge backlog of fines when we put a limit on the amount of money they can owe & still use the PCs! in reply to lilaclee #
  • A question about our scanner, 2 new cards needing PINs and I spent some quality time with my GReader #libday5 #
  • I've set up more PINs, answered a phone question about USB drives, helped with 2 printing projects and *shushed* some loud talkers #libday5 #
  • I just helped a man who had never used a mouse with a Yahoo! solitaire game to improve his mouse skills. We have a waiting list! #libday5 #
  • Assisted lady with printing *only* what she wanted, grabbed an old Excel class sheet to start working on a new one for the patrons #libday5 #
  • Finished outline of Excel presentation and now I'm off the desk for the day. Time to check on some computer issues & go home #libday5 #
  • In early again after dropping the boy off for band practice – checking email and phone messages now, getting ready for the day #libday5 #
  • Fixed issue with online incident reports not showing dates – permissions issue in custom content type for Drupal. #libday5 #
  • Starting work on the slidecast for Charlotte Hubbard's podcast interview from last week, since it's still relatively quiet here. #libday5 #
  • Pausing in my work on the slidecast to attend the monthly Management Team meeting. #libday5 #
  • Finished the slidecast (found at and now on to a conversation with MORENet about new firewall configs. #libday5 #
  • Firewall configuration conversation interrupted by a talk to police about a patron issue. Email sent to MORENet finishing the talk #libday5 #
  • Charlotte hubbard #
  • I've cleared my "daily" folder in Greader and mostly caught up on my email. time to grab lunch at my desk (working lunch today…) #libday5 #
  • Lunch eaten and I've caught up on FriendFeed & sent my bio for the WJ webinar in Sept. Next up – Excel screenshots for class #libday5 #
  • Excel Ppt is finished, with a pause to discuss the patron from this morn (screenshot of her tweets req'd), now professional reading #libday5 #
  • @drupalninja I think so – i'm using a date field in 2 different content types and it works OK for me! #drupal in reply to drupalninja #
  • If you don't measure, you can't analyze. if you don't analyze, you can't improve – Lars Johansson (Website magazine) #
  • Interesting idea – make staff justify Office upgrades, now that they have access to Google Docs. Upgrade only those that need it! #
  • I've killed off 3 of the many, many magazines in my "to-read" pile on my desk and am now going to catch up on email and feeds! #libday5 #
  • Reading #libday5 #
  • Off today at 3 and am heading to KC for dinner with @kendrak, @mstabbycat, @xorpheous & Royce Kitts. Off most of tomorrow, too! #libday5 #
  • On the road to KC (again) for dinner out with library peeps! #
  • Dinner with Royce, Tab, Doug & Kendra! Excellent food & even better conversation. (@ Blue Koi w/ @mstabbycat) #
  • Yummy coffee!! (@ JavaNaut w/ @mstabbycat) #
  • Went to MORENet for the firewalls and got 'em, now on the Circ desk, giving people something to do over the weekend #libday5 #
  • @joshuamneff She's still there! Of course, she's probably finishing up at the Nelson now and getting ready to head to the airport… in reply to joshuamneff #
  • I have checked out LOTS of books, helped 2 people get cards, sold some .25 cent paperbacks and made LOTS of folks happy 😉 #libday5 #
  • In to work early again today – checking Twitter and FF while waiting for my PC to load default tabs in both browsers I use. #libday5 #
  • RT @laurasolomon: It's Sys Admin Appreciation Day. Quit bugging your sysadmin for 5 mins and bring him/her #caffeine #
  • Read @kgs's take on the OCLC thing, got a staff member's GCalendar working again, posted meeting minutes to staffweb #libday5 #
  • Wrestled email into submission, still working on that daily GReader folder, but I have faith… #libday5 #
  • Took short break to add some items to RTM shopping list and to place order for 32G 3G+WiFi iPad #libday5 #
  • Email sent about tech support for state conf, WordPress sites checked (need to post soon to one of them), squee'd a bit at iPad. #libday5 #
  • Working on an upcoming presentation for a bit, then lunch, then PCC desk at Noon. #libday5 #
  • On the desk – created a PIN, got someone some scratch paper, pulled up my email to work between patrons. #libday5 #
  • Created a couple more PINs, provided a phone book to a patron, helped 2 patrons print & sent one to get a card. #libday5 #
  • I also found out that my Sept workshop is up and ready for registration! – it's with @baldgeekinmd and will be awesome! #
  • Helped a man list an ad on Craigslist, had a talk with a lady about paying attention to her crying baby and did some prof reading #libday5 #
  • Looked for a cooking mag we don't have, found the recipe online for a patron, sent out an email about firewall switch on Mon. morn. #libday5 #
  • Little old lady who *always* needs help in PCC came & went without probs. Happy dance for teachable patrons!! #libday5 #
  • Fixed a computer problem, asked a cell phone user to move (talking where the entire convo was echoing thoughout the PCC) #libday5 #
  • @WeatherZach SEVERE TSTM WATCH for most of MidMO until 9pm-I love Thunderstorms! I hope it's really thunderboomy!!! With no damage, natch… #
  • @mstephens7 have kids? That's what I did… in reply to mstephens7 #
  • Created lots of PINs, got bandaid for kid whose knuckles were bleeding (hope that wasn't a fight), found sprint txt email address #libday5 #

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