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  • @rmazar Not just 2009, but 12/2009. Can you believe? in reply to rmazar #
  • @miriella I don't know whether I should laugh or curse my font nerdiness that I find it funny. I'll get back to you on that… in reply to miriella #
  • First blog post about my upcoming presentation in Dallas from OhMyGov! – #
  • Pushing up my sleeves to begin work on creating Panel/View/Complicated pages for new Ref Table computers. Starting with pen and paper… #
  • SCORE! Panel page has bowed to my will! I'm doing a happy dance in my office!! (aren't you glad I don't have a webcam at work?) #
  • (Not so score – originally posted that last tweet to my work account. Quick delete FTW!) #
  • RT @warmaiden: The Write Club interviews me on my writing Process: (since I can't "like" a tweet yet…) #
  • @DonovanLambrigh share? plz? pretty plz? in reply to DonovanLambrigh #
  • @Tombrarian You too? Thought it was just me… I'll stop compulsively checking my network now… in reply to Tombrarian #
  • @Tombrarian Sounds like a plan to me… #
  • @sglassmeyer This is why I love my phone – it's consistently about 7 minutes fast. My day is done! in reply to sglassmeyer #
  • I have a secret fan at work! [pic] #

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