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  • Instead of writing, I spent time with @pigsinspace, @joshuamneff, @mstabbycat, @roycekitts & @jokrausdu – and I don't feel guilty at all! #
  • @mstabbycat Drugs? in reply to mstabbycat #
  • @mstabbycat Whiskey and drugs? 😉 in reply to mstabbycat #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: The antecedent for "she" in "that's what she said" is generally understood to be "your mom." **giggle** (twss) #
  • Making Drupal's views work to display board meeting minutes. Sometimes the successes are small, but I'll take what I can get… #
  • My "search: gtd" column should be interesting today – it's "Go Topless Day" somewhere out there in the Twitterverse… #
  • RT @mstabbycat: Dear blocked calls & toll free numbers- leave me a message because I will never pick up. Love, me (me too!!) #
  • @mstephens7 I know – I was watching it last night in utter shock!! An interesting turn for the series… #glee in reply to mstephens7 #
  • Checking out a cookvook (and no, that's not a typo) online. Interesting stuff!! #

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