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I’m at the ITEC conference in KC today, getting ready to learn all kinds of IT-related stuff. Right now, the keynote by Tom Henderson is on. He’s talking about the changing environment for IT in this economy. Both companies and customers are feeling the pinch from changing economic conditions. Another pressure point for IT is the fact that the workplace is evolving – with an intriguing bullet point, “Web-2 as IT Drama”. It’s immediately preceded by “Social Not-Working becoming huge”, which sort of raises my hackles… Just ’cause people are on Facebook doesn’t mean they aren’t nurturing professional relationships along with social. I’ve got no defense for Farmtown. Sorry folks.
Anyway, he just did a survey on who’s updated their Facebook page, who tweets, and who just shakes their head when others tweet. I got my book deal because I tweet – you can’t dissuade me from the utility of tweeting…
He’s on that last bullet point now – is it IT drama or productivity. No answer from him – just something for us to consider.
He’s talking about auditing and accountability now, but I’m not hearing much because the freakin’ vendors behind me are just chatting away and they are closer.
The next slide shows an IT challenge – growing and retaining employees.
He’s now talking about SLAs for users and the fact that, unlike 10 years ago, we are required to keep systems up and running far more reliably. Even an hour of email down-time can be disastrous for an organization.
He’s asking a bunch more questions now, but I can’t hear any of them…
I completely missed the end of the keynote, but I’ve shared what I did get out of it! Next is “practical and doable Web 2.0 tools”. I’ll try to blog that, too – but the wireless situation here is iffy…

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