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  • Backing up my online accounts with #
  • I'm considering calling in sick for the rest of the day. I have the hiccups & clearly need to go home. #
  • @DonovanLambrigh exactly! Let me forward that to my current boss (coming from a past one it should carry some weight, yes?) right now! #
  • @weez42 eek! Mine are intermittent. I've gotten them twice this morning for 30 or so minutes each time. Annoying, but not *that* annoying!!! in reply to weez42 #
  • @bckhough I'm a GTD girl/Inbox 0 all the way. Process, file or do (if less than 10 mins). Hard to start, so much easier to keep up! in reply to bckhough #
  • from a film review "And, like all vomit, you can kind-of see what it's composed of but the smell drives you away." – James Berardinelli. Wow #
  • @jpeg2000 You wild man, you! in reply to jpeg2000 #
  • Checking out ( – interesting concept and possibly quite useful for us in libraries… #
  • @ellbeecee NUH-UH! TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY IS WAAAAAAAY BETTER. in reply to ellbeecee #
  • @ellbeecee ARGGGGGHHH ME MATEY – YOU HAVE A FINE IDEA! in reply to ellbeecee #
  • My #writegoal for November is 30 min – minimum – every day. I'll post ind day's word count goals as needed to keep me on track… #

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