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  • @griffey I'm lazy – is there a LITA google calendar anywhere that I can just go through and pick sessions from to add to my cal? in reply to griffey #
  • @griffey Sweet!! Thanks! in reply to griffey #
  • Fueling up the car for my trip to SLC – still taking eating/touring suggestions! #
  • Hi Tab & Doug! #
  • @kgs Ohhhh! That sounds good – I'll keep my eyes open! in reply to kgs #
  • Getting ready to board my flight – Salt Lake City bound! #
  • Correction – I was ready to board my flight (a puddle-jumper!!) but they are still getting folks off. We'll be late… #
  • The eagle has landed, I repeat the eagle has landed – and already spied a brewpub kittykorner from the hotel! #
  • View – left [pic] #
  • Back from lovely dinner with @griffey at Aquatters Brew Pub. Yummy Mac'n'cheese & excellent company FTW! #
  • Damn little Pre keyboard – that was Squatter's Brew Pub… And I only had one beer with my meal! #
  • @dullroar Will do!! in reply to dullroar #
  • Temple Square Gardens [pic] #
  • Boarding the bus for the Great Salt Lake – this is exciting!! #
  • RT @GWaveTeam: Google wave invites, i have 129 left, to request one, follow & RT saying you want one #googlewave @gwaveteam #
  • I'm on a bus full of people here for a True Value conference… #
  • GSL – 21% salt, Red Sea – 24% salt #
  • Insane Clown Posse is playing (tonight) at GSL. #
  • @baldgeekinmd Haven't gone near the water yet… 'bout to, but still no swimming – it's chilly in reply to baldgeekinmd #
  • @mstabbycat Yep – hence the jokes about the "bunch of tools" & "getting nailed" that I've been getting… in reply to mstabbycat #
  • Behind the GSL [pic] #
  • Dinner! Not all mine, though… [pic] #
  • sittin' at the keynote at #litaforum back at the blogger's table. Trying to blog & tweet at the same time. Multitasking FTW! #
  • Very academic-institution oriented at #litaforum keynote. Some good examples for pub libs, but not enough!! #
  • @baldgeekinmd I'm on the speaker's list – I'm not an academic library!! Wait. That came out wrong. Let me think about that… in reply to baldgeekinmd #
  • @baldgeekinmd True, and I often find myself as a lone representative (or at least in minority) as speaker at many confs. Pub Libs are ppl 2! in reply to baldgeekinmd #
  • @librarianmer – stop that – I can hear him sniffling clear across the room!! 😉 #
  • @baldgeekinmd You're the first on my list, babe! in reply to baldgeekinmd #
  • @chrisbrogan just wrote some words that make no sense to me "16 days without caffeine". I recognize words, but the concept…? in reply to chrisbrogan #
  • getting ready to hear about successful online communities #litaforum #
  • @eligerman me! #litaforum in reply to eligerman #
  • lights are flashing in our room – hopefully no one is epileptic… #litaforum #
  • still with the crazy lights in Alpine East – they can't decide if they want to be on or off… #litaforum #
  • RT @johannaharness: So far 3835 new words today. Magic friday is headed toward happy hour. #amwritin #iamjealous#
  • sitting in the seminar theater (love it!) and getting ready to listen to Lightning talks #litaforum #
  • @bohyunkim That sucks – I was really looking forward to hearing that!! Ah well, maybe at the next conference… 😉 #
  • Heading off to network my little heart out… #litaforum #
  • A trainer even trains during dinner [pic] #
  • In the keynote room at the blogger's table, ready for David Weinberger's keynote… #litaforum #
  • RT @bobrobboy: Librarians are a hyperlink … not a stopping point but always in invitation to go further. Deeper. #litaforum #
  • I'm all set up for my session in Alpine east at #litaforum #
  • @mosylu Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! in reply to mosylu #
  • Wishing I could be cloned so I could have attended future of IT session while also presenting my session… thx for the tweets!! #litaforum #
  • Just got asked 4 directions in SLC – funny thing is I could give them #litaforum #

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