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Making the leap to online – session 1

Regan Harper is presenting on converting face-to-face training into a web-based environment. The idea is to take face2face training that we give for LITA and adapt it for online environments.

  • 2 tips fof online – 1)give less of it & 2) organize into small units
  • planning – is the topic good for online? synchronous or asynchronous? what do I need to change to make it work?
  • breaking into chunks is important – end each session with a complete thought
  • make sure attendees know your tech people – put tech support # for the tool up for them, for example
  • keep it simple!!!!
  • delivery – set ground rules, use appropriate pacing (slow!), appeal to all learning styles
  • “be as engaging as you can, without being annoying”
  • keep visuals moving – not just animations, but use highlight/pen/pencil tools to add movement to the screen
  • ask lots of questions of the audience – keep ’em involved
  • gesticulate – wildly – it will be reflected in your voice – be dramatic

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