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In Salt Lake City

I have landed in Salt Lake City, in preparation for the LITA Forum, and have managed to find my hotel room, a Starbucks and a brew pub all within the first 10 minutes of my arrival. I rock. Anyway, the flight in, once we descended from the clouds, was incredible. The view from the plane was of immense mountains, their peaks sticking holes in the cloud cover, ringing the valley in which Salt Lake City sits. It was gorgeous. My first few minutes on the ground, not so much. Lots of clouds completely obscuring those mountains and threatening rain all around the city (but none in the city proper, yet).
The drive in was interesting – Salt Lake is a pretty cool looking town. I saw a drive through Sushi place and billboards for at least a couple of local breweries. Then, just as we were turning into the Hilton’s drive, I saw a brew pub that was directly across the street from the hotel. I may try eating there tonight – depends on the rain situation.
It’s cold here – 45 degrees, cloudy and windy when we landed – but the weather should improve about the time the main conference starts and I’m relegated to inside rooms all the time…
The hotel, what I’ve seen of it (the registration desk, the Starbucks and my room, so far) is lovely. They gave me a complimentary code for Internet access (from the conference or the hotel? I’m not sure!) and made the trip a bit cheaper for me!! I can’t live without my Internet!!!
Tomorrow is sightseeing day. Prepare to be inundated with lots of pictures! Friday the main conference starts, Saturday is my program, Sunday is the end of the conference and my flight home. I’ll post more later!!

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