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  • Family reunion 3 [pic] #
  • @DonovanLambrigh They should – it's and they podcast everything, too. The show's name is underground garage, I think. in reply to DonovanLambrigh #
  • Hey! I just heard it's @SonoranDragon 's birthday!! Happy birthday, dude!! #
  • @MegCanada Congratulations!! Now you deserve a treat!! in reply to MegCanada #
  • @ashuping look for the httpd.conf file and review it – depends on the install where it is, but possible in etc/ in reply to ashuping #
  • RT @ChadLivengood Talking to retirees opposed to "Obamacare": They love their Medicare, but they don't want younger people to have it. #
  • @librarianbyday Library, as part of a name, is a proper noun. Proper nouns are always capitalized. If it's not a proper noun, tho, no caps! in reply to librarianbyday #
  • @mstabbycat We have SERIOUS issues with our cable at home, too – True Blood was almost unwatchable Sun night – I had a headache by the end!! in reply to mstabbycat #
  • RT @revmhj: The reason there is an @calls and @office list in GTD is to that when #gmail is down you can still do work, people. #
  • Can y'all tell Gmail is down – I haven't tweeted this much in *ages* 😉 #
  • @Jill_HW GDocs is still up! That's what I'm doing right now, between writing updates on the sitch for the staffweb. Board reports in GDocs.. in reply to Jill_HW #
  • @victoriaptersen I used to do that!! Makes this way annoying, yes? Check out #gtd, though – way better than inbox=tasks!! in reply to victoriaptersen #
  • @elloyd74 Palm Pre rocks my socks. Just an opinion, though – others like that silly iPhone thing, I hear… in reply to elloyd74 #
  • #gmail is back? They've faked me out before, though, so I'm not going to believe it just yet. #
  • It is emergency day – first I lose a hard drive out of an almost brand-new server, then a trainer is running late for a class . Home yet? #
  • @hyveejcmo Can we talk about you all stocking more Diet Vanilla Coke Zero? 4 12-packs at a time is not enough! #
  • Meeting #1 and conference call down. Meeting #2 is in 40 minutes, then I get to go home before 4 hours of desk time tonight. I can haz nap? #
  • Billy & family [pic] #
  • Did something big just happen on Glue? I just got 4 new followers in 2 seconds. I'm confused… #
  • @mstabbycat Happy birthday to you… a wee bit early! in reply to mstabbycat #

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