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  • @kgs No!! I don't want people to see what I'm reading, that's half the reason I got my Kindle, so I could read my trashy romances in peace! in reply to kgs #
  • @kgs Well. That's just brilliant! I love it and would totally be behind any upgrade that displayed the book I'm "reading" if that were so! in reply to kgs #
  • @sethhersh I've been watching the site and it looks nasty – and like it's coming straight across the state to visit us next! in reply to sethhersh #
  • Fwd: Some wingnut is outside Obamas town hall with gun per MSNBC. wonder if a secret service takedown will be the… #
  • : Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican #
  • @val_forrestal OPALescence hashtag = #opal in reply to val_forrestal #
  • Starting my session on Collaboration 2.0 at #opal in just a minute or two! #
  • @codslap my pleasure!It fit right into the topic!! in reply to codslap #
  • @jokrausdu Yes, I would, when I get all this other stuff I have to finish writing done… We'll stay in touch, yes? in reply to jokrausdu #
  • @djfiander Thanks. Now I have a *different* ABBA song in my head. I'd been hearing"our last summer" all morning in my head, now "waterloo".. in reply to djfiander #
  • @davidleeking Hi nice librarians! I'm in the capital city of Missouri now – Jefferson City – at the Missouri River Regional Library in reply to davidleeking #
  • Ok folks – what are some common abbreviations/text speak stuff you see in use in Twitter? Anyone wanna share? #

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