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  • Back to work after ALA… Busy day of documenting IP addresses, updating server software and doing the yearly budgetary begging ahead! #
  • @Tweetdeck – I need an email address for someone who can give permission for screenshot use in a book. Reply to robin.hastings @ gmail, thx! #
  • @AJisaokay Feel like cataloging? We have a whole department of catalogers you could come visit next! in reply to AJisaokay #
  • I'm somewhere between a professional blogger and futurist/innovator… (March 2007) #
  • @ellbeecee Yeah, I'm almost on top of the futurist/innovator line, but not quite. I think a bunch of us started about about the same time? in reply to ellbeecee #
  • RT @mstabbycat: Thinking about making a ganache pie while I'm at @webgoddess's place this weekend. (I'm thinking that sounds awesome!!) #
  • RT @MoTravelMama: Missouri State Penitentiary tours and website now available. Check it out, this is a great tour. #
  • @warmaiden Woot! Good luck Warmaiden. And if you need a collaborator for that conference in Wales… in reply to warmaiden #

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