Quick update to Security 2.0 post

Reading through Bill’s comment on my previous post, I was reminded that I meant to tell you all about a very cool, and very related, compendium of information that the folks at the MuniGov 2.0 organization have compiled. The Web 2.0 Security page is basically an annotated collection of reports and “thought pieces” from all over the web, put together and given to us for free! There are positive and negative pieces included – you can read through them and make up your own mind, but as Bill so nicely stated in his comment – our job as IT people is to *support* business use, not stand in the way of our internal customers as they try to do their jobs. If we can do that and maintain security, we’re golden!
Update to the update – I just found a link (via the privacyala Twitter account to an article on Facebook & privacy. The sentence that makes it relevant to this post is:

Policymakers cannot make Facebook completely safe, but they can help people use it safely.

I’m headed off to read the article now, but thought I’d post a quick update here first, to let others know about it!

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