Planning for Success Cookbook

The new MaintainIT cookbook is out – with lots of great advice from librarians and library staff from all over the place (including yours truly…). This one, Planning for Success, covers planning & decision making, communication and partnerships, buying and deploying technology, maintaining & sustaining technology, networking & security and innovation. Go download it – right now! Next time you are at a conference, look for their booth – they often have bunches of these all printed up and available.
When you come to the quotes from me, however, please remember that they were given over the phone, so that I couldn’t see the person I was talking to or get any non-vocal cues for just how stupid I was sounding… I really do sound somewhat better than that in real life (or at least I hope so, since people pay me to talk!). They did a great job of transcribing my statements – word for word – all the silliness and crazy sounding-ness is mine.

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