Vietnamese food = yummy!

Last night, in what I sincerely hope will become a conference tradition for me, Natasha, Qhyrrae and I went out for Vietnamese food. It was seriously yummy, but – even beyond the yumminess – it provided us with a venue for a great conversation. All of us had been to various programs throughout the day and were excited about all the information we’d picked up. The nice part about going to conferences like this with co-workers was that we not only shared the information, but got a chance to discuss the possibilities of implementation of that information in an informal setting. I won’t bore you all with details about the various schemes we hatched (MWAHAHAHAHA), but I will tell you that this makes going to conferences, putting up with crappy hotels and being away from the family (not that this is always a bad thing…) and all the other inconveniences that we put up with completely worth it. Even though I was excited by a lot of the information I picked up during the day, I got even more excited by the prospect of it going into practice at my library! This year has been a lot of conferencing on my own, and being able to process through the info with smart, dedicated co-workers at this conference made it special!

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