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A Squee Moment In The Middle Of My Day

Borrowing a term from Christopher Gould of MOBIUS, I had a squee moment as I was checking my email today. The conference that I went to last month (National Association of Government Webmasters) sent out the compiled evaluations to presenters. They put them all neatly in a spreadsheet, gave averages for each 1-5 rating and included the comments on the same row as the rating scores. I felt that, according to the number of drinks purchased for me the night after my presentation and the number of people who commented favorably on it as I was imbibing those drinks, the presentation had gone well. I had no idea *how* well, however.
My average scores, on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) were all above 4.2 – most were in the 4.5 or 4.6 range. The “average of my averages” was 4.5 out of the 36 people who turned in evaluations. That’s a lot of 5’s!! The comments, though, were truly wonderful. I did have some constructive criticism (one person felt that my visuals needed more color) and I LOVE getting those – they help make the next presentation better – but much of the commentary was positively blushworthy.
Stuff like, “Very interesting subject. Great presenter.” and “Perfect balance between technical and non-technical info. Engaging presenter. Would love to hear from her again!” and “Great content. Well done. Thanks Robin” were enough to make me giddy. You better bet they are going on my “raves and reviews” page!

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