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I should be writing, working on a presentation or editing something, but I’m not. Instead, I’m playing with my two latest toys in an attempt to feel like I’ve accomplished something today (the Envisionware install was trying, to say the least… though it wasn’t really Envisionware’s fault, we piled too much onto the “to-do” list along with it). First, I got an account with ( using the beta code BetaToUpdateMe (that will work until they shut the doors on it – no guarantees for the length of time that will be!) and then, thinking that a Ubiquity command would be just the thing to make really, really useful, started hacking at some Javascript.
34 minutes (according to my FriendFeed posts) after I started whining about wanting to see a command for Ubiquity that would update my account, I had it written, posted and tested. It worked! Except for the small fact that the folks haven’t actually released their API yet, so it doesn’t actually update anything. They posted on their blog, however, on the 28th of August that an API would be coming soon, so all I have to do is change a single line in the script to point to their API “hook” and the script will be actually useful.
In case you are as impatient as I am, you can get the command (after you install Ubiquity, of course) at If Ubiquity is installed, a drop-down bar will pop out of the top of your browser and ask you if you want to subscribe. Do be sure to subscribe to updates so that as soon as I make that little API hook change, you will get the full benefit of a working command to update multiple social sites with one single command.

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