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Michael presentingI just got back from Michael Sauers’ presentation on Creative Commons and it was an eye opener. I know a bit about the subject, but Michael’s presentation was entertaining as well as informative – for both a newbie to the subject and for me! I use CC for all my flickr and slideshare content that I post, but I didn’t know about the MS Office add-on that allows you to embed CC licenses directly in files created by Office software. I don’t use Word very much any more (thank you, Google Docs!), but I do start nearly all my presentations in PowerPoint, so this will come in handy for that! He also discussed the Nebraska State Library’s efforts to catalog CC material and asked the librarians in the room to do the same at their institutions. It’s a worthy effort, and Michael’s a generous guy – if you need help finding the stuff they’ve done in OCLC, he’ll send you the numbers if you just drop him an email and ask!! Handy!
Now that my work for the day is done, I’m going to enjoy this utterly beautiful day…

and hit the beach, tour the Rose Hall main plantation house and enjoy the librarian’s talent show by the pool this evening! I’ll let you all know how that goes!!

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