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Lunch - a traditional English tea
You didn’t think that just because I was no longer in Devon, I’d be giving up my Devon clotted cream, did you? Ha! That was my lunch yesterday while I was getting ready to head into St. Paul’s Cathedral. I toured that AMAZING structure yesterday afternoon, after visiting the Tate Modern Art Museum in the morning (Kadinskys and Picassos and Warhols, oh my!). Quite possibly the best moment of the trip (so far) was watching a little girl of about 6 or 7 years look straight up into the dome of St. Paul’s and watching her face light up in awe. That was an amazing sight!! No pics allowed in either the Tate or St. Pauls, so I gave my camera a bit of a rest yesterday.
Not so today, however! Today, I went to the Tower of London!
It was fabulous!! I got the audio tour, since it was raining and the Yeoman Warders don’t do their guided tour in the rain, but when the sun came out and my audio tour was over, I joined the guided tour as well. I saw the bloody tower, where the two princes “disappeared” and are said to be haunting the area, I saw the crown jewels (the yeoman said not to let us ladies compare our jewels to the Queen’s – the guys would get horrible inferiority complexes) and I saw the royal armory (with Henry the 8th’s armor – something else guys shouldn’t be comparing themselves to! The yeoman said that the codpeice on that suit of armor was psychological warfare before it became popular…). I saw the White Tower, where a number of prisoners were held and I saw the Queen’s house where both Guy Fawkes and Rudolph Hess (of WWII Nazi infamy) were held as prisoners. I, unfortunately, didn’t see much of the Tower Bridge because I decided to visit the Tower on the same day the London marathon was running over the Tower Bridge and around the Tower itself. Talk about crowds!!
I’m back now, and ready for my mid-day siesta before I go out to eat tonight. It’s been rainy today and I need to do a bit of drying out…

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