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Class is working hard!Today was the 2nd (and last) day of the “Web 2.0 For You” workshop that Bobbi and I put on for the State Library and MORENet. It went really, really well. This was the first time we’d done this particular dog-and-pony show, so there were some timing issues (as in we ran out of time for all the material we wanted to cover the first day, but had plenty of time to do the material we missed the first day and all of our second day material on the second day) but overall it went well. The librarians who attended the class seemed really, really excited about the concepts we covered (see the class “handout” wiki we created at web20foryou.pbwiki.com for a link to the slides and links we used) and the information we gave ’em.
What amazes me is how excited and fired up *I* get about the material just by introducing it to people who weren’t familiar with it already! I knew that at least some of the class would be excited by all the new tools and resources we were showing them, but the fact that I get re-energized by the teaching always surprises me. One of the most exciting parts was when one of the ladies in the class said that she had signed up for a Twitter account the evening of the first day. That’s when you know you are getting providing useful information – when they start using it even before you’ve finished the whole class! Class is starting
I’ve taken some of the quotes from the evaluation sheets and added them to a new page on this site, “Raves and Reviews“, so that others who might be interested in having me come speak to their groups (hint, hint) can see what folks who have attended workshops with me in the past think. I’ve got other evaluation forms secreted around here somewhere, I’ll find ’em and post more “reviews” of my work later… Until then, I’m willing to say that this was a very successful endeavor! And I enjoyed it immensely!! That’s just icing on the cake…

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