Carnival of the Infosciences – #89

It was a slow start, but eventually, I started getting some submissions for this carnival. You all had me worried!! Well, without further ado – let’s get this carnival started!

First, I want to point out that there was a carnival submission that got lost in a spam folder during the last carnival’s run. It’s just an innocent victim of the spam wars, and Janie (from Library Garden) emailed me with the news that the submission ended up in her spam folder, but she thought it was very much worth a post in the carnival, so here it is! Genevive Williams directs our attention to the At Play In The Field Of Ideas blog and the post, “Wither Reference? Part 2: From Just-in-Case to Just-in-Time”. Genevive describes it as the “Second in an occasional and ongoing series about the changing nature of reference work in response to the changing nature of the library”. This post deserves a little carnival love!!

Sol Lederman started things off for this edition of the carnival by pointing to a post about determining quality of results for federated search engines at “What determines quality of search results?” on his blog. It’s a slightly different look at federated search results and in it he discusses quality markers as opposed to which federated search products produce the “best” results.

kmdunneback made excellent use of the tag to submit 3 different posts that all have to do with the recent moves made by publishers (specifically HarperCollins) to give books away for free and how that will affect book pirating sites. The first post is a story from the New York Times titled “HarperCollins Will Post Free Books on the Web – New York Times” and gives the background on the recent decision by HarperCollins to make some of their books available for free on the web. Next tagged is “Romance Novel Reviews – Smart Bitches: Piracy – Still Not the Good Kind” as being tied into the discussion – check the comments for discussion about book piracy in general. Finally, the last site tagged in this “theme” is “How to Get an eBook of Old Man’s War — Free!” from the Whatever blog of John Scalzi (who is also present in the comments of the Smart Bitches post… it really does all tie in!!).

Next up in the carnival is a link from eclecticlibrarian to Pegasus Librarian and her “Musings on Periodicals”. According the to eclecticlibrarian, Iris provides some insight into collection development issues as libraries move towards online-only subscriptions. She includes a lot of the criteria that she uses to decide what subscriptions to get in print and which to get in electronic format.

Eclecticlibrarian also pointed, via, to an post from the Off The Mark blog about the “30 mostly spurious benefits of ebooks“. From eclecticlibrarian’s description: “Mark v. Epublishers Weekly blog smackdown! w00t!”. With that kind of ecstatic description, who wouldn’t want to go read this post?

I’ve added the link to Iris’ post (all I can say in my defense is that my house was overtaken by 3 teenaged boys – only one of which is mine – and that I wasn’t allowed near any of my computers all night last night or most of today, so there wasn’t much editing time for me…) and noted that there is no host for #90 on the carnival wiki!! It’s probably not too late to volunteer, so sign up to host the next carnival on March 3rd!

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