Library Learning 2.1 – The Grand Kick-Off

The opening salvo in the Missouri River Regional Library’s Library Learning 2.1 program went out yesterday. Our first post was written by Bobbi and dealt with the library’s new downloadable ebook service (via netLibrary). Bobbi did a great job of providing screen shots and clear directions on how to use this somewhat complicated program. Not only is this great information for our staff, but it is a fabulous resource for them to use to provide this information to our patrons, as well. So far, in the first day, we’ve received 6 comments (4 of them from staff members other than Bobbi and myself!) and they seem to be quite enthused about the idea of both this program and the ebooks themselves (with the exception of SexyBeast, who isn’t an ebook fan, but is a fan of the LL2.1 program…).
As you’ll note, since this program is available for patrons, we haven’t required “real” names – any staff member can participate in an anonymous way, if they so choose. This seems to have taken some of the pressure off of some of the staff who really don’t want everyone in the world knowing what they think of our topics.
Next week it’ll be my turn. I’ve already written up an introduction to online privacy in a socially networked world and will post it on the 14th. Feel free to comment on any of our posts – this is open to the outside world, not just to the staff – and add your knowledge, insights and questions about the various topics!

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