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The Ed Techie: My personal work/leisure/learning environment mentions the idea of a Personal Work Environment (PWE) that is quite similar to a PLE (personal learning environment for those not familiar with the term or my earlier post). He has a nifty graphic showing all of the Web 2.0ish stuff he uses in his personal environment (not work-provided like Outlook, just what he uses beyond the work-provided tools). He also comments that it’s really a combination PLE/PWE/PRE (personal recreation environment) because he can do all three things at once with many of these tools. While I’ve taken to the idea of a PLE for a couple of topics I want to either stay on top of (Web 2.0) or learn more about (Security), the idea of compiling and using a PWE is pretty cool as well! The funny part about all this – I found the link via my recently set up Web 2.0 PLE…

I decided, by the way, on Protopages for my PL/W/RE. It’s at if you wanna check it out. So far, the Web 2.0 and Security tabs are the only ones I’ve customized!

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