Getting even more things done. Sort of…

ClearContext has come out with version 4 of the IMS (Information Management System, I think – too lazy to look it up right now) just in time to revitalize my personal implementation of the GTD system. I needed it, too! I’ve managed to get my electronic clutter taken care of – zero inbox clutter in either work or Gmail accounts, yeah me! – but my physical clutter is still sitting on my desk, waiting for attention… Anyway, the point behind this post is not to brag about the fact that I have NO waiting-for-action emails in my inbox any more (ohhh – can I say that one more time – I’m email free right now!!) but to point you all to the newest edition of this product. It ain’t cheap – $90 for the software, $25 or so to upgrade from version 3, but it’s pretty sweet!
The new feature that prompted me to shell out $25 more dollars on it is the new dashboard. It presents messages, appointments and tasks/actions all in one place, filterable by topic (project) or category (context) or both. This is pretty handy – before I go talk to my boss now (Hi, Bill!) I can filter by my “boss” context, read through recent emails or tasks that I’ve associated with him and have all the information I need. Theoretically. If I manage to keep it up. But it’s too new for me to be thinking so negatively! I’m going to keep on top of my various inboxes and keep everything running this time – not least because playing with the dashboard of this product is so much fun…

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