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After receiving an email from the bookmobile department, stating that one of the routes the bookmobile was scheduled to go on has been canceled, I dutifully added the information to MRRL’s twitter feed. This got the info out to our twitter followers, on the front page of MRRL’s website and probably in a few other places that I’ve forgotten I’ve stuck the feed (oh, the joys of reuse!!). This got me thinking. There has to be a way to send an email out and have it automatically grabbed and posted by twitter, right? Yes, there is! The code, for you hackers out there, is the MailTwitterPHP script which, though written in PHP, is intended to be used as a shell script that runs occasionally via cron (or Windows scheduler) and picks up all mail to a specified mailbox and posts it to the indicated twitter account. All very cool, and something I may set up if I ever get around to getting multiple twitter accounts for MRRL, but for now, I wanted something easy.
Enter TwitterMail – the service that does the heavy lifting of setting up the script/scheduling and lets you just enter in your twitter account details, gives you a secret email address and you are done. A quick, easy solution!! I’ve already emailed the address off to the bookmobile supervisor and relieved myself of one more thing I have to remember (or be here) to do!

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