Excuses, excuses

Besides my utter dejection at having lost the last 3 years of work on this blog, I have had other reasons as to why I’m not posting very often. One of which I can share with you all now – I’ve accepted a new position at the library. My boss left the library at the end of the month (July) and I’ve been busy being both him and myself for the last 2 and 1/2 weeks – as well as applying for, interviewing for and accepting his job. Now I get to be both of us again while we look for *my* replacement. Hopefully, in 2 weeks, we’ll have both positions filled and I’ll be able to concentrate on my new duties as Information Technology Manager for the library. Sometime after that, I may begin blogging in a regular way again. Won’t that be fun? As for the other reason(s) I’ve not been blogging, well, we’ll just say that I’m kicking butt with a level 20-something hunter in WoW

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