Ubiquitous Computing & Library Futures – Chris Peters & Michael Porter

Michael started it off with introductions, then Chris introduced himself – they both pimped their and sites
Ubiquitous computing – a model of human-computer interaction in which info processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects & activities. Computing happens when and where we need it – enabled by calm tech that just works
64G flash drive was $5469.99 in Oct. of 2006, in July of 08 that same storage was down to $300 and TB hard drives at Best Buy this month are $69.99. Ubiquitous computing in library – RFID tech. eye-fi card is another example of UC (Ubiquitous Computing). Ambient umbrella – wireless connection gives a weather update via the color of the handle. Wow.
Convergence – phones, hardware, software. Android phone is one example. Lederhosen with iPod controls in the pockets – Michael is gonna start wearing more lederhosen, now that he knows how cool they are. Chumby – passive, UC.
SatTV, Slingbox, Apple TV – all pretty much UC. Pico Projector + infrared keyboard + phone pen = UC.
• Ubicomp – Ubiquitous Computing
• Pervasive Computing
• Ambient Intelligence
• The Internet of things
Visions of UC
• Low cost info processing embedded in everyday objects
• Post-PC environment
• Computers should be invisible and unintrusive
• Tech should create calm
• Embedded
• Context Aware
• Personalized
• Adaptive
• Anticipatory
• Happens at the scale of The Body, The Room, The Building – different levels
What trends & tech will power UC
• Cheap info processing
• Cheap memory & storage
• Wireless networking
• Interoperability and open standards
• Universal addressability
• Sensors
• Position awareness
• Power
The above list includes hurdles, too – those are issues that we’ll have to perfect before UC is really *here*.
Spimes (space & time concepts combined into one made-up word)
• Everyday objects have
o Location awareness
o Social awareness
o Time awareness (history)
Examples of calm technology: picture of a scene that pays attention to your email inbox, as email comes in, more people show up in the picture; umbrella that glows to give you the weather report – glowing handle means that you need it; Ambient orb – changes colors based on stock market prices. Examples of location based services: showing specific coupons for restaurants within a block of where you are.
• Digital fabricators
• Rapid prototypers
• 3-D printer
• Desktop manufacturer
Biotelemetry – computers that keep track of your vital signs – picture Chris showed was embedded in the toilet – it does urinalysis on the spot, measures body fat and takes your blood pressure while you are sitting there. Brain wave controlled wheelchairs – cool stuff…
Library applications
• Location-based reference
• Anticipatory reference
• Information therapy
• Emotion mapping of the library
• Community manufacturing center with a 3-D printer
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