Monthly Archives: March 2009

Quick note

Just wanted to fire off a quick note pointing folks to the utterly hysterical goings on via Twitter today. Do a Twitter search, or a hashtag follow, on #queryfail and get “from the horse’s mouth” examples writers’ queries to editors and agents that failed. Some seem to have failed in epic ways…

Updated Letterhead Theme

Hey folks – I just spent an hour or so of my Sunday morning (cause that’s how big a nerd I am) updating my Letterhead theme to be widget-ready. You can download it and give it a whirl in Zip format only now – I didn’t have the time to tar.gz it, so it’s just a zip file. I’ll put it back on the sidebar for downloads eventually. Updates to the theme are found in the readme file in the zipped archive, but it’s pretty basic and very easy to use!